Resilient Kern hosting Trauma-Informed Care forum

For the past three years, Resilient Kern (formerly known as Trauma-Informed Kern County) has trained several hundred care providers in trauma-informed care (TIC) practices.

Many past participants in these cohorts have requested further conversations and more opportunities to connect with each other, to learn what they can do to help their agency become more trauma-informed in its policies, procedures and practices.

As we enter the post-COVID era, we all want to apply what we’ve learned and continue to move this work forward.

Meeting Objectives

The purpose of these sessions are to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an update of how far Kern has progressed in becoming a fully trauma-informed county. There is a lot of good news but we need your help to go further!
  • To offer our assistance, especially as we are coming through COVID and reconnecting directly with clients, to renew our commitment to being trauma-informed
  • To offer a forum to connect with old friends and new ones, and to share your own experiences of the last year or more and apply them in the future
  • To ask your advice as to your needs and next steps we should take, for training, for trauma-informed system change ideas, and for serving our patients/clients/ members post-COVID
  • To plan for a large conference where we can host relevant speakers before you to learn even more

Session Options

Our next opportunity will feature four dates to choose from, all host via Zoom. Choose only one date.

Please share this opportunity throughout your organization as we welcome new participants! Each attendee must register individually.

Thursday, April 22, 2-4pm

Thursday, April 29, 2-4pm

Thursday, May 6, 2-4pm

Thursday, May 13, 2-4pm