Trauma Informed Care – An Overview

Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have a direct, immediate, and overwhelming impact on a child’s social, emotional, behavioral and mental health. This training will provide a more advanced understanding of childhood trauma, toxic stress and its effects on health, development and overall well-being, as well as strategies on responding to children impacted by trauma.

Self-Care During COVID-19

A one-hour training on self-care, on how to get through this pandemic in a healthy way, emotionally, psychologically and physically, including strategies and activities on managing stress and develop mindfulness.

Addressing Homelessness

Over 71% of Kern County’s homeless population has experienced major trauma in their lives prior to becoming homeless. This presentation addresses the impact of ACEs and Trauma in their lives, and discusses resiliency and evidence-based strategies for helping them.

Virtual School, Stress, & Adapting to COVID-19

Join us in a discussion highlighting the current stresses for families returning to school virtually. We also discuss the need for Self-Care during this time, and how COVID-19 has affected us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We discuss strategies, resources and normalcy to what many are experiencing.

Compassion Fatigue - Working in the Helping Profession

Providing professional assistance to those in trauma presents a unique set of challenges. This video provides an understanding of compassion fatigue, secondary stress, vicarious trauma and burnout, and discusses how to develop your own emotional health and strengthen your emotional resilience.


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