About Us

The Resilient Kern coalition is working hard to bring all of our diverse communities together from around Kern in a county-wide effort through training, education and action that can make a greater, long-term impact on the lives of individuals, families and our many communities.

Over time, becoming a Trauma-Informed Kern County will lead to even more innovations and improvements in our approaches to people, leading to changes in policies, procedures and even physical structures that will be more welcoming and effective as we collaborate to improve health, education, employment opportunities and community well-being in Kern County.

Established by First 5 Kern with a grant from Kaiser Permanente, Resilient Kern began in 2018 and has held numerous cohorts and trainings, working with hundreds of county parents, providers and advocates across dozens of agencies, non-profits and businesses.

First 5 Kern recently received a 6 month planning grant (February through July, 2021) to strengthen the work Resilient Kern has embarked on to expand a countywide Network of Care that will support local Medi-Cal providers to screen for ACEs and, where needed, connect with local community partners to meet the non-medical needs of families under stress from poverty, food insecurity, lack of transportation, social and cultural isolation, and racism.

We invite you to join us in the planning of this important work.


Resilient Kern Leadership Team
Tom Corson – Kern County Network for Children
Michelle Curioso – Kern County Public Health Services Department
Judge Raymonda Marquez – Kern County Superior Court
Deborah Murr – Kern Health Systems
Cheryl Nelson – Community Connection for Child Care
Roland Maier – First 5 Kern Executive Director
Jennie Sill – Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Hector Gutierrez – Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project Director
Kristin Weber – Kaiser Permanente
Curt Williams – Kern County Superintendent of Schools Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program
Debbie Wood – First 5 Kern Commissioner
Kevin Bartl – First 5 Kern